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Fenty x Savage x Description x Captions

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This film is an experiment in creative access-oriented media production. The starting point is the final sequences of Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage vol. 2 show, which debuted on Amazon Prime in October 2020. The task was to describe and caption this film in ways that model new possibilities for the aesthetic of access.

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A center square portal with purple-pink gradient holds all-caps white letters. REMOTE ACCESS: WITCHES N GLITCHES / FRIDAY, JULY 24TH / 9-11PM EDT. 4 other square portals hold info about the party: ASL / CAPTIONS / AUDIO DESCRIPTION / SOUND DESCRIPTION / ACCESS DOULAS / FACILITATORS; SPELLS: AIMI HAMRAIE / MOIRA WILLIAMS / EZRA BENUS + PEREL; VIBES: DJ CRIP TIME / DJ WHO GIRL; CHOREO: OCTAVIA ROSE / JERRON HERMAN; SHOWS: YO-YO LIN + KEVIN GOTKIN / ALOPEXIAN. 3 objects have an orange-yellow overlay: a glittering disco ball made with uneven glass shards, a cracked early iPhone with an arduino board resting on one side, and a lit votive candle. A magic portal does loops in the background - no beginning or end in the frame. The logo of the Allied Media Conference - tri/angular A, M, and C - is at the bottom of the yellow-ink gradient background. In the top right corner: July 23-26 / 2020 / Virtual. This flyer was designed by Kevin Gotkin using a kit provided by the Allied Media Conference artist-organizers.

REMOTE ACCESS: Witches ‘n’ Glitches (July 2020)

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Here’s what the pitch said:

🔮 a party from and for access magic 🌘 featuring: incantations for glitch intimacies & live shows & drag spells & dj sets & captions & audio description & sound description & access doulas & more! 🖤 join us in the conjuring! 🔮

I reviewed the recordings from this party over a year later, when I was relieved of some of the mom energy of being-in-it. And I got my time-shifted blessings. And I got to hang with my friends again. And I realized just how fucking absolutely awesome this party was, one of the most lurid memories from that awful and raucous summer of 2020.

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happy beltane 2020 mix

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On May 1st, 2020, for the first time in 5 years, I was not celebrating the eternal return of spring on faerie land. Instead, I had the honor of DJing a remote global celebration of Radical Faeries across the world. Here’s the set, which I will remember as one of the most meaningful times I took to the equipment during a period of profound uncertainty and loss.

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