2018     Ph.D., Communication, University of PennsylvaniaKevin, a white bearded man with a blue beanie on, walks through a beaded curtain that resembles a waterfall. The work is Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Untitled (Water) installed at the Brooklyn Museum in winter of 2017. Kevin wears a striped green and blue shirt that blends in with the colors of the beads. As he walks to the other side, he looks back at the camera, smiling.

Dissertation: The Marathon and On: Disability, Endurance, Aspiration
Qualifying fields: Disability & Society // Science, Technology, & Media // Creative Mediation
Doctoral Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies
Certificate in Teaching & Learning

2013    M.A., Communication, University of Pennsylvania

2007–2011     B.S., Media, Culture, & Communication, New York University

summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa


2016–     Co-Director (with Simi Linton), Disability/Arts/NYC


Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students, Spring 2015
James D. Woods Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, May 2013
Teaching Certificate, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2013
Selected courses:
Normal Media (NYU, Spring 2017 & Spring 2018)
Disability Arts & Culture (NYU & The New School, Fall 2016 & Fall 2017)
Media & Identity (NYU, Fall 2017)
Media & Cultural Analysis (NYU, Spring 2017 & Spring 2018)
Public Space, Public Life (Penn, Summer 2014)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

The Norm___ and the Pathological,” Disability Studies Quarterly 36, no. 1 (Winter 2016)
Pornography’s Media Breakdown: Troubleshooting in Three Parts,” Porn Studies (Spring 2016)
When Computers Were Amateur,” IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 36, no. 2 (Apr-Jun 2014): 2-12
(With Corrina Laughlin) “3,100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race,” Journal of Video Ethnography 2 (April 2015)

Invited Publications

Alice Sheppard: A Polestar of Disability Dance,” Dance Magazine (July 2018 cover feature)
(With Mariam Durrani, Corrina Laughlin) “Serial, Seriality, and the Possibilities for the Podcast Format,” American Anthropologist 117, no. 3 (September 2015): 1-4
Openings: On the Journal of Homosexuality, Volume 1, Issue 1,” Journal of Homosexuality 63, no. 3 (2016): 446-451
Undergraduates in the Archive,” Archive, no. 2 (Fall 2012)

Book Chapters

(With Jody Cohen, Anne Dalke, Clare Mullaney) “Challenging Access,” Steal This Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound, eds. Jody Cohen and Anne Dalke (punctum books, forthcoming)
“Residual/Visual: Images and Their Specters,” Images, Ethics, Technology, ed. Sharrona Pearl (New York and London: Routledge, 2015)

Book Reviews

iMedia: The Gendering of Objects, Environments and Smart Materials by Sarah Kember,” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience (Spring-Summer 2016)
Wikipedia and The Politics of Openness by Nathaniel Tkacz,” Information, Communication, & Society (February 2016)

Other Publications

Disability & the Arts: A Playlist Syllabus,”, January 6th, 2017
What Was the Telethon?”, September 5, 2015
(With Alex Gomez, Corrina Laughlin, Darren Mueller) “On Audio Translation & Digital Scholarship,” Provoke! Digital Sound Studies, January 2015
On Writing in Grad School,” Chronicle of Higher Education, January 9, 2014


Mixes for the world premiere of Marissa Perel’s (do not) despair solo, American Realness Festival, Abrons Arts Center, January 2018
(With Fall 2017 New School Lang Arts students) Audio description of ambivert. by Ester Alegria, Open TV, January 2018
How Good are Telethons at Raising Money?” KPCC Los Angeles, September 2017<h/5>
Nashville’s World Record Comedy-Thon Basks in the Absurdity of Endurance Feats,” WPLN Nashville Public Radio, July 2016
Notes on Aspiration,” PRX Remix, curated by Josh Swartz and Roman Mars, December 2015
(With Alex Gomez, Corrina Laughlin, Aaron Shapiro) Susurrous Scholarship, Provoke! Digital Sound Studies, January 2015
(With Corrina Laughlin) 3,100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race, 44:03 minutes, NTSC digital video, 2013
Screened at the Screening Scholarship Media Festival, University of Pennsylvania, March 2014
Screened at the Futures of Visual Anthropology Conference, Temple University, April 2014
The Rupture Sometimes, 27:45 minutes, NTSC digital video, 2012
Exhibited as part of “What Can a Body Do?” at Haverford College’s Cantor Fitzgerald Center, October 26th – December 16th, 2012
Screened at the Screening Scholarship Media Festival, University of Pennsylvania, February 2013
Founder & Producer, 3620 Podcast, 2012-
“On Tenterhooks, On the Tenure Track”
“How to do the Sound of Scholarship”
“The Flag and the Flame”
“Operation Crossroads”
“F is not for Phreak”
“Sonic Field Notes from the World’s Longest Race”
“Writing Life”
“Specters of Silence”
“The Afterlives of Our Words”
The Pleasure of the Hack, 15:00 minutes, NTSC digital video, 2013
Screened at the Society for the Social Studies of Science, October 2013, on the panel “From DIY Craft to Science and Technology Work: The Remaking of Hacker and Maker Culture”

Conference Presentations

“Breathing Techniques,” Crip Ecologies, George Washington University, April 7-8th, 2016
“The Telethon and on and on…,” National Women’s Studies Association, November 14th, 2015
(Roundtable participant) Digital Futures: Mapping New Methodologies for Disability Studies, Society for Disability Studies, June 11th, 2015
(With Clare Mullaney, Anne Dalke, Jody Cohen, and Stephanie Kerschbaum) “The Disability History of an Interview,” Society for Disability Studies, June 11th, 2015
“YouTube and Schizophrenia,” International Communication Association, May 23rd, 2015
“’Better Brains’: Cosmetic Neurology on YouTube,” Center for Global Communication Studies Panel on User-Generated Content, December 11th, 2014
“Crip/Glitch: Disability & Mediation,” National Women’s Studies Association, November 15th, 2014
(With Jody Cohen, Anne Dalke, and Clare Mullaney) “Reassembling the Accessible,” Society for Disability Studies, June 2014
“Cripping Computing,” 40th Anniversary Conference of the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program and the Penn Women’s Center, February 2014
“The Prosthetic Classroom,” Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education, University of Delaware, October 2013
(Presidential Roundtable) “The Computational Turn in the Histories of Technology,” Society for the History of Technology, October 2013
“Queering, Cripping Turing,” Annenberg Student Symposium, March 2013
“When Computers Were Amateurs,” Society for the History of Technology 2012, October 5th, 2012
“Internet Relay Chat and the Vicissitudes of the Global Protest Meme,” International Association of Media and Communication Research 2012, July 16th, 2012
“Witnessing Autism: (In)communicability and the Peripheries of the Vertical Pronoun,” Society for Disability Studies Conference 2012, June 21st, 2012
“The Troll in the Machine: Interruption and Digital Methods,” Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference 2012, April 14th, 2012
“’But He Can’t Stop’: Guilt and Obsession in Phone Phreaking, 1960-1980,” Cultural Studies Association Conference 2012, March 29th, 2012

Invited Lectures & Workshops

“The Telethon and Other American Rituals of Endurance,” Vanderbilt University Women’s and Gender Studies Colloquium, March 22nd, 2016
“Disability Studies Now,” Sex & Society taught by Dr. Melanie Adley, Vanderbilt University, October 2015
“Introduction to Audio Production,” Social Inequality course taught by Prof. Hyunjoon Park, February 2015
“Disability and Representation,” Gender & Society taught by Sara Mourad, University of Pennsylvania, October 2014
“Disability Studies, Media, and Cultural Difference,” Media and Culture Difference taught by Jasmine Salters, Temple University, March 2014
“An Introduction to Sound Scholarship,” Camra@Penn (media pedagogy lab), University of Pennsylvania, February 2014
(With Clare Mullaney) “Making the Crip Classroom,” Critical Feminist Studies taught by Dr. Anne Dalke, Bryn Mawr College, Fall 2013
“Audio Production & Media Activism,” Global Media Activism taught by Dr. Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2013
“Introduction to Ethnography,” Quantitative Methods taught by Dr. Amy Bleakley, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2013
“Audio Urban Ethnography,” Urban Ethnography taught by Sandra Ristovska, University of Pennsylvania, Summer 2013
“Audio Production 101,” Weigle Information Commons Workshop (Van Pelt Library), University of Pennsylvania, Summer 2013
Collections as the Corrective to Crisis,” OCLC Research Library Partnership, Yale University, June 2013
“Does the Internet Change Public Space? The Immaterial in Material Public Space,” Public Space, Public Life course by Dr. Carolyn Marvin, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2012

Awards and Fellowships

Penn Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Gradate Student Research Grant, Summer 2016
Penn Humanities Forum, Digital Humanities Summer Institute Travel Grant, June 2013
Course: “Physical Computing and Desktop Fabrication”
Penn Humanities Forum, Digital Humanities Winter Institute Travel Grant, January 2013
Course: “Teaching Through Multimedia”
Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA)-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Innovation, Summer 2012
Project: “Cripping the Scholarly Essay Film”
Humanities, Art, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholar, 2012-2013
Society for the History of Technology Travel Grant, Fall 2012
Paper: “When Computers Were Amateurs”
Arthur L. Norberg Travel Grant, Charles Babbage Institute, Spring 2012
Project: “When Computers Were Amateurs”
Society for Disability Studies Travel Scholarship, Spring 2012
Phi Beta Kappa, New York University, May 2011
Ida Bodman Service Award, New York University, May 2011

Projects & Affiliations

Participant, Annenberg Summer Institute for Diversity in Media and Culture, University of Southern California, June 16-20th, 2015
Lead Organizer, Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media, University of Pennsylvania Provost Interdisciplinary Seminar Fund, April 9-1, 2015 ($45,000 budget)
SummerCulture 2014, Scholars Program in Culture & Communication, Annenberg School for Communication, Barcelona, Spain, Project: “Surfacing: Disability and the Built Environment in Barcelona”
Co-Organizer, Penn Disability Studies Reading Group, Fall 2013 –
Creator, 3620 Podcast, Annenberg School for Communication
Founding Member, Annenberg’s Culture Lab
Member, Annenberg Graduate Council, Fall 2012 – Summer 2013
SummerCulture 2012, Scholars Program in Culture & Communication, Annenberg School for Communication, Durban, South Africa, Project: “The Phantom of Cultural Ownership in Zulu Beadwork”
Participant, Transfabric: A Para-sitic Transnational D.I.Y. Conference, Budapest, August 2011