Susurrous Scholarship

The image shows a number of pieces of audio eqipment (parts of a show gun microphone, headphones, furry "dead cats") against a yellow background. Over this, the words "Susurrous Scholarship" are written in white capital font.

With fellow Annenberg graduate students Alex Gomez, Corrina Laughlin, and Aaron Shapiro, I started a project that seeks to translate print journal articles into sound pieces. The exercise in the project is simple yet difficult: choose an article that originally appeared on paper and make it stand alone as an audio file. Each of the producers in the project chose texts written by senior faculty members, encouraging an intergenerational scholarly dialogue about the affordances of digital humanistic and media production techniques. Each producer chose a different tack in making the translation, creating a suggestive array of media scholarship possibilities.

We published Susurrous Scholarship alongside other sound projects in a digital collection called Provoke! Digital Sound Studies, which proposes to take sound studies into the digital realm.

I am also publishing a separate single-authored book chapter in the print book companion to the online site, forthcoming. The essay is about sound studies and access, called “Sound as Scholarship’s Curb Cut.”