visiting assistant professor
dept. of media, culture, & communication
new york university


The images shows a series of overlaid blog post screenshots. The whole thing looks like a scab wound, with dark red tones and coagulated darkness. There is a foot with a missing big toe. There are headings from various blog posts about bodies and technologies.
The image shows a keyboard drawn in chalk. The closest part of the keyboard, in perspective, is the bottom right, so the "control" button is largest and most in focus, with "shift" and "enter" just above.
Amateur Computing02
The image shows a number of pieces of audio eqipment (parts of a show gun microphone, headphones, furry "dead cats") against a yellow background. Over this, the words "Susurrous Scholarship" are written in white capital font.
Susurrous Scholarship03

"Whoever manages to hear the circuit diagram itself in the synthesizer sounds of the compact disc, or to see the circuit diagram in the laser storm of the discotheque, finds happiness itself."